Nitesh Mohanty

About the Author Nitesh Mohanty

Nitesh Mohanty is a visual artist. Having graduated from Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay & acquiring further education from NID, Ahmedabad; He’s now a design consultant to various brands within retail, fashion, media, print, publishing & hospitality industry. He’s the co-founder of “The Root” a platform initiated to propagate various social, cultural, political & ecological concerns through creative mediums such as art, design, cinema etc. He curates “The Root Reel” which showcases documentary & regional cinema from closer home & across the world. He also a visiting faculty at SMCS, School of Media and Culture Studies, TISS & Mudra Institute of Communication Arts, MICA; where her shares his 'Ways of Seeing'. He’s resides in Bombay, currently working on his first book of poetry in conversation with photography.